About Us

Choosing a Club

When choosing a volleyball club, it is very important to find a club that suits your needs. Our goal is to help you understand more about our program and gym culture to find the best fit for your family. Before making a decision, it is important to do your research, participate in a camp or open gym, contact the club director, attend a parent meeting and talk to players and parents who have participated in the club.

The Freeze Difference

Minnesota Freeze offers an elite experience that is unique from our competitors. Many clubs use the word “elite,” so what do we mean by that? We are not a “BIG” club, and we are proud of that. Our mission is to provide a personal, family-like experience, where players are trained by great coaches who care, have high intensity practices and participate in top tournaments since these aspects are all paramount to our players’ growth and development. Building relationships, communication and helping everyone feel valued is at the core of everything we do at Freeze. Not only do our players have a great experience, but the parents in our program do as well!

Faith is Fundamental

A big part of our club culture is a strong emphasis on our faith and values. Our mission is to honor God in all we do. We embrace kindness, respect, honesty, positivity, humility, hard work, selflessness and good sportsmanship. When new coaches or players come into our program, we always hear how nice our girls are and how welcomed they felt.

Training and Skills

Freeze utilizes the training and skills being taught by Hugh McCutcheon at the University of Minnesota. We have had several top Gopher players (e.g., Sarah Wilhite, Hannah Tapp, Paige Tapp, Samantha Seliger-Swenson, Alyssa Goehner, Katie Schau, Maddie Beal, Erica Handley, Lexi Hart, Taylor Morgan, Stephanie Samedy, Sophie Beckley, Kayla Buford, etc.) coach at our practices, camps and clinics. Our 13s-18s teams have monthly positional practices with the Gophers and our Freeze staff! Alyssa Goehner joined our coaching staff in 2017 and was a terrific addition to our program. Besides teaching premier volleyball skills, we highly value teaching our players important life skills as well. Leadership, teamwork, confidence, overcoming hardship and mental toughness are all areas of growth we focus on with our athletes.

Coaches who Care

It is our belief that the people in our program make our program. Great coaches are everything! We look first and foremost for coaches who care about their players, are good communicators, are positive role models and of course love the game of volleyball. And while we look for coaches that have experience and are knowledgable, our coaches are always in state of constant learning and development, just like our players are. As coaches, we are open minded and always striving to learn new things. We spend a lot of time with our coaches teaching them the latest and greatest techniques and coaching strategies. We also give them many different resources and support for their own personal development.

Academic Achievement

While volleyball is a very important part of life, it is just a part of life. We value our player's academic commitment and success and are proud to announce that 4 of our players received the 2018 AAU Volleyball Academic All-American Award! This award was created in 2013 and it recognizes student-athletes for their excellence in academics as well as athletics. All recipients attended high school during the 2017-2018 school year and participated in the 45th AAU Girls' Junior National Volleyball Championships. Congratulations to: Emma Petrocchi (Freeze 17-1), MacKenzie Steding (Freeze 15-1), Alexis Trachte (Freeze 15-1), and Sydney Umanah (Freeze 17-1).

Start ’m Young

It's important to get players started early in our program because the younger they are when they learn these skills and develop a volleyball I.Q. the better they will be. While, we want our players to have a long season and play in the top tournaments, we offer less intense options for our younger athletes to get started. We offer The Spring Frost and a Fall League to get players started and our 11s and 12s teams have shorter seasons and schedules, all the while receiving great coaching!

Recent Success

Freeze 14-1 (2018)

  • Beat head to head: M1 14-1, Vital 14-1, Crossfire 14-1
  • 3rd place in 14 Gold at NCR President's Day Festival
  • 1st place finish in 14s at Diggin in the Dells
  • Finished in the top half at AAU Junior National Volleyball Championships in the 15 Aspire Division
  • 75% winning percentage
  • Most of the players on this team have been playing with Freeze for 4 years

Freeze 13-1 (2018)

  • Beat head to head: M1 13-1, Crossfire 13-1, MN Select 13-2
  • 5th place in 13 Gold at NCR President's Day Festival
  • 1st place in 13s at Diggin in the Dells
  • 3rd place in NCR Area Championships
  • 9th place in Gold at Asics Junior National Championships in the 14s division
  • 75% winning percentage
  • Most of the players on this team have been playing with Freeze for 3 years